MyDocFileServe is a customized e-File and e-Serve docket management system designed as a cost-effective solution in complex, fast-paced, large litigation. The PohlmanUSA technology team worked hand-in-hand with plaintiff firms, defense firms, and clerk of the court's office personnel to ensure this product fulfilled the needs of all parties by providing a streamlined and efficient electronic document management tool for service and filing.
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Filing & Service
MyDocFileServeâ„¢ allows you to electronically file new cases and pleadings as well as electronically serve documents across all case parties within a single transaction.
All documents filed or served in a case from the initial complaint to the most recent pleading are displayed and available for download in each case.
Advanced searching, sorting, filtering, & reporting features will allow easy management of documents by venue, case, filing date, filing firm, pleading type, and more.
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